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DMC is an invitation-only FREE membership organization that offers the highest quality products available at incredibly low prices. ​

DMC’s flagship product is the earth’s only ZERO THC Full Spectrum Hemp Oil. This natural oil is a hot product with worldwide demand exceeding 20 times global supply — and rapidly growing.

Our members can refer other members who may ​become Independent Marketing Directors (IMDs) — also FREE! ​

IMDs can market our products to customers, earning commissions on their purchases. They can also teach and train other members how to become IMDs, creating additional income. ​

We encourage our IMDs to promote our products and opportunity in an organic way, ideally through personal relationships in a “Sharing” not “Selling” environment that we call “Relationship Marketing” or “Consumer to Consumer” (C2C) marketing, just like when referring a friend to a good movie or restaurant.

Visit our Resources page for links to the Compensation Guide, Product Brochure, and more.