Discount Membership Club will put all operations on hold, effective immediately.

This does not affect the product company, Everything Hemp Oil.

DMC has two goals:

  1. Provide access to exceptional products at discounted membership pricing.
  2. Provide outstanding compensation for marketers who refer customers to our products.

DMC did provide an exceptional product - Everything Hemp Oil’s PCR Hemp Oil.

However, DMC gave in to pressure from some early members to begin public operations before all of the business and IT systems were in place. This presented the public with a less than professional appearance, and it provided a less than complete system for marketers to work with.

We at DMC have endeavored to build as fast as possible to meet the needs of our members, but we have come to realize that we cannot provide the level of service and professionalism that we strive for while continuing to operate publicly.

For those reasons, DMC will retreat to a closed company, building itself for the future. There is no scheduled re-open date, but we will announce when we have a realistic schedule.

We will calculate and pay commissions and bonuses based on all orders placed from the beginning, September 5, through September 15. All commissions and bonuses will be paid on September 22.

The DMC Corporate Team